When people learn to drive they learn the safe techniques and methods needed to pass their tests. Over time, these can easily be forgotten and bad habits often creep in. A refresher course is a great way to get skills back up to scratch, serving as a gentle reminder of what’s needed to be a safe and courteous road user. 

To find out more about refresher driving lessons in Loughborough, contact LDA today.

How it works

Your first lesson will be an assessment, during which your LDA instructor will determine your ability to drive and control a vehicle. This will enable us to give you an accurate estimation of how many lessons you will need to confidently pass your test, along with associated costs. 

The car will have dual controls that the instructor will be able to use at all times, so you won’t have to worry about being unsafe, and you will begin on a quiet road with little or no traffic. 

According to the Driving Standards Agency the average person needs 45 hours of practical learning time, at least 22 of which should be with a private instructor. However, thanks to our combination of unique teaching methods and experience, LDA is able to get the majority of learners to test standard in 30 hours or less.

Flexible driving lessons to fit your schedule

We know that learning to drive isn’t going to be the only thing on your weekly to-do list, so LDA’s driving lessons in Loughbourough are designed to fit around your schedule. We’re completely flexible, working at weekends and tailoring a plan that works for you and how you learn best. Some people like 2-hour lessons or intensive courses, while others find it easier to concentrate with a one-hour slot. Whatever hours you prefer, and wherever you want us to pick you up and drop you off, we’ll do our utmost to work around your requirements. 

In a hurry to pass your test?

If time is of the essence and you need to pass your driving test in a matter of weeks instead of months, LDA’s intensive driving courses in Loughborough are the perfect solution. Block booking comes with the added bonus of some great discount schemes, and if you don’t pass first time we’ll even book and pay for your next test.

What you need to get started

To be able to start driving lessons you must be aged 17 or over and hold a provisional driving license. You can apply for your license online at https://motoring.direct.gov.uk or pick up a form at your local post office, and you will need a passport type photo to complete the application. Your instructor will need to see your license before any driving lessons can commence.

How to book your driving lessons 

Driving Lessons in Loughborough can be booked by calling us on 01509 563202  or email [email protected]. Alternatively, send us a message through Facebook at Local Driving Academy.. We look forward to hearing from you and getting you on the road!