Automatic Driving Lessons

Whilst driving a manual car is more versatile, it’s not for everyone. If you find managing the gears too stressful, automatic driving lessons could be perfect for you. Automatic driving is becoming increasingly popular with a huge range of people, dramatically reducing their anxiety about driving. With LDA’s automatic driving lessons in Loughborough  you can learn to master the art of driving an automatic car quickly and efficiently, getting to know the car and the roads in a relaxed and supportive environment. 

Our DSA approved driving instructors have helpedmany learners pass their driving tests with 30 hours or less of lessons – that’s 15 hours below the UK average. 

Once you’ve gained your confidence an automatic car you can enjoy a lifetime of driving with an automatic, or choose to upgrade your skills with manual lessons. Whatever you decide, our instructors will be only too happy to help. Book an automatic driving course in Loughborough with LDA today and discover the freedom of driving without the hassle of gears. 

What’s different about an automatic car

What differentiates an automatic car from a manual is that it doesn’t have a clutch pedal or gear stick. This makes it much easier for those who struggle to multi-task or coordinate foot pedals to concentrate on driving the car and reading the road. Simply select what you want to do: park, reverse or drive, and the car will handle the gears. You can also choose first and second gears to override the system, for example when going down a steep hill.

Why some people prefer automatic driving lessons

Learning to drive in an automatic car can be much easier and less stressful than getting used to a manual gearbox. Controlling acceleration, gears, clutch pedal and positioning all at the same time  challenging for some and incredibly stressful for others -and being stressed is never good news on the road. When people are flustered they’re less able to make sound, fast decisions, and it’s likely to take much longer to pass their tests. 

Automatic driving lessons can be extremely useful for nervous drivers. Anyone who’s failed their test multiple times, or feels nervous behind the wheel can enjoy a huge boost in confidence without worrying about the pressure of gears.

The beauty of learning to drive in an automatic is that allows you to grow your confidence without the fear of stalling or becoming distracted, and because you’ll need fewer driving lessons it will cost less too.

Automatic driving lessons for seniors

LDA also offers a range of automatic driving courses for seniors. Moving to an automatic gearbox is less tiring and physical demanding than a manual, particularly when driving around Loughborough town centre. All the constant stopping and starting can be extremely frustrating, but in an automatic all you need to concentrate on is the road. Even if you’ve driven a manual car all your life our friendly, experienced instructors will help you transfer your skills quickly and easily. 

Automatic driving lessons can also be useful for people with restricted movement or disabilities, because there’s no need to operate a clutch or gear stick.

What you need to know before booking an automatic driving lesson

Passing your test in an automatic car means you will only be legally allowed to drive automatic cars. Whilst this will restrict your options for buying or hiring a car in Europe, you’ll probably find it makes little to no difference in other countries such as the USA, Canada and Australia. 

Once you’ve gained confidence in an automatic car, you can always try again in a manual if you wish