LDA’s Intensive Driving Courses in Loughborough can help you to learn to drive quickly and efficiently. Instead of taking many lessons over many months, you can block-book your intensive driving lessons in Loughborough with LDA to pass your test as soon as possible. Intensive driving courses can help you gain all the skills you need to become a safe and confident driver. LDA uses comfortable air-conditioned superior cars for intensive driving courses, with dual controls for safety. By learning to drive with LDA’s intensive driving lessons you will be on the road before you know it. DSA approved driving instructors are experienced in teaching intensive driving ‘crash courses’ in Loughborough to help you pass quickly, safely and confidently.

Value for Money – We have expert knowledge of the Loughborough area to ensure you get the most from each and every lesson. Taking into consideration time of day, volume of traffic, road knowledge and test routes, we plan our lessons to give you the best value for money.

Cost Effective Learning – We offer generous block booking discounts for those considering an intensive course. Book 20, 30 or 48 hours at once and benefit from huge savings.

Guaranteed Pass – We’re so confident in our intensive course, we guarantee you’ll pass first time – or we’ll book and pay for your next test*.

Why Take a Crash Course?

An intensive driving course enables you to consolidate your driving lessons in to one block. This is often useful to people who can only fit lessons in around work or holidays. Or, people who want to learn to drive quickly for work related reasons. Other times, it’s just a matter of personal choice; you may prefer to learn all in one go.

How does it work?

LDA offers tailor made courses for each student; allowing you to decide which course suits you best. You’ll receive guidance from a professional instructor who can advise you as to which program would be most appropriate. This will depend on what level you are at, whether you’ve had lessons before and when you’re available. Call us now on 01509 563202 to find out more.

How demanding are your Intensive Courses?

At LDA, we do not allow students to have lessons exceeding more than 6 continuous hours a day. It has been proven that any more than this has a negative effect on learning capability. We know that the best results are achieved when the student is able to properly digest information given to them and then put that into practice. For this reason, there are frequent breaks throughout the daily timetable.

Do I have to pay more for an Intensive Driving Course?

The intensive course is priced at the same rate as a weekly lesson. They’re both low rate but an intensive course can prove to be cheaper overall. Consolidating your driving lessons helps you to pass quicker, in fewer lessons and therefore costs less money. Driving methods will remain fresh in your mind to improve on your skills, rather than reviewing the previous lessons. As you’re making the commitment, you’ll also have the option to take advantage of our block booking discounts.

Are there any Disadvantages?

There aren’t necessarily any disadvantages to learning to drive this way but it does require more commitment than taking normal lessons at normal intervals. You must have a real willingness to pass and understand that one bad day shouldn’t stop you from continuing towards your goal. You`ll have to be ready to get back in the driving seat the next day and to tackle any challenges you may have previously faced.

Let’s get you on the road!

If you’d like to find out more about our Intensive Driving Courses in Loughborough call 01509 563202 or email [email protected]. Alternatively, send us a message through Facebook at Local.Driving.Academy

*Guaranteed pass is when you book a 46 hours intensive course. Additionally, the “one hour free motorway lesson” does not apply to intensive courses.