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What to Expect From an Intensive Driving Course to Learn To Drive Quickly in Loughborough

Being behind the wheel of a car is the dream of many and a shortcut to success is a very appealing thought. Whether you are about to turn 17 and are looking forward to the independence of driving or you are older in life and have decided that it’s time to learn, driving a car is an experience that’s hugely enjoyable.

Of course, we all know that learning to drive is not about getting comfortable in the driver’s seat, starting the engine, and driving off. There is more to it because it requires a learning process that not only focuses on how to operate a vehicle but also use the road safely.

However, the good news is that individuals who do not want to go through the process of several months to become a qualified driver can access an Intensive Driving Course. Begin your journey now by calling 01509 563202. Our 30hrs Intensive Driving Course including the Practical Test is £720, for other discounts and offers check out our Driving Lessons Prices information.

    Practical Driving Test and Theory Learning in 1 or 2 Weeks

    Some people do not want to wait around for months to drive and so, an Intensive Driving Course will provide them with a simple solution. If you are looking to become a qualified driver at a quicker rate than the usual process then an Intensive Driving Course is a feasible option. There are many reasons why students are looking for a crash course (pun intended!) as the average person will take up to 50 hours of driving lessons before being ready to sit their driving test.

    An Intensive Driving Course, as the name suggests is an intense, shorter course where drivers learn to drive in a shorter time frame. This will involve undertaking both the theory and the practical test, enabling learners to pass their test as quickly as possible. This may be imperative if you have taken a new job that requires you to drive, or you have relocated halfway through driving lessons with a driving school in a different area and you’re close to being ready for your test.

    Loughborough Driving Academy intensive driving courses allow students to learn to drive, commonly over one or two-week periods with each day of driving lasting for up to 6 hours.

    Loughborough Driving Lessons Cheap Automatic Intensive Crash Courses Block Booking Local Academy

    However, it is worth remembering that this is an intense course so the learning process is more demanding but that isn’t a negative point. The lessons, which are no longer than 6 hours, provide enough time for students to achieve the desired results. Of course, the information they are provided is condensed down into days and weeks as opposed to months when compared to the standard route. All courses are delivered by a qualified and professional instructor which will give you access to their expertise, their methods and their ability to help you learn at a pace that ensures you become a safe driver.

    Loughborough Driving School Crash Courses 1 week Intensive Lessons

    Ultimately, Intensive Driving Courses are suited to everyone. It’s essentially a compressed learning process that anyone can benefit from. However, they are designed for those who want to get on the road as quickly as possible. Some individuals want to pursue a career from the moment they leave school and so, they need access to a vehicle. They are also suited to individuals who struggle to learn the standard way because of work or other personal commitments. There are those who simply want to learn quickly because that works better for them.

    What makes Intensive Driving Courses so unique is that they are ideal for anyone. Along with this, they are also available for both manual and automatic vehicles which allows a faster pace of learning regardless of their desired vehicle.

    Cheap Driving Lessons in Loughborough

    Learning to drive is something that should be considered as a lifelong investment. It’s a skill that will enable you to broaden your horizons and get as much from life as possible. Anyone who has already passed their test will tell you how fulfilling it really is!

    However, many believe that learning to drive is an expensive process but we believe that looking at it that way is the wrong approach. Of course, we understand that covering the costs of learning to drive can prove costly but as stated, it is an investment but it also doesn’t have to cost a lot either.

    How Much Are Cheap Driving Lessons in Loughborough?

    Learning to drive is something that you can do in your own time. Whether it’s before or after work, during school lunch hour or on the weekends, as a student, you have the scope to fit it around your lifestyle. Of course, spending out on lessons that can last several months might leave you concerned but there is a way around it. As with many things, bulk purchasing can help you to save money and that’s what we aim to offer our students.

    First Driving Lesson – 1 Hour Taster just £20

    Our standard hourly rate is £26 per hour and that is a competitive rate but we want to help our students save even more and so, offer a range of different packages to suit all. Perhaps you are still unsure about the process then you can opt to take advantage of the 10-hour prepaid package which costs £250. This makes the hourly costs cheaper than the standard hourly rate. It’s ideal for those who cannot plan too far ahead or want to try it out.

    The next package we offer is 10 hours for students and that acknowledges that students cannot always stretch to the usual prices and so, that costs £240 for a block of ten lessons, helping students to save on the standard hourly rate. Students can also book 20-hours worth of lessons for £480, allowing them to make savings and cover the cost of the majority of their lessons at the same time.

    We’re Also Doing Our Bit for NHS Workers

    We understand the challenges that NHS workers have faced this year but we also appreciate all the work they have done for us under normal circumstances. However, with the long hours and effort they put in, we understand that finding time to learn to drive can be a challenge. However, we are offering NHS workers a FREE 2 Hour Driving Lesson in either a manual or an automatic car until December 5th 2020. If you find that you want to continue learning then we also offer NHS discount at a cost of £480 for 20-hours worth of lessons. All of this is to say “Thank You” for your continued dedication.

    Loughborough FREE Driving lessons NHS Keyworkers CVOID 2020

    So, block booking lessons, whether you’re a standard learner, a student, or an NHS worker we can help you to save money – and we all understand how important that is.