Free Driving Lessons NHS and Keyworkers in Loughborough

Loughborough LDA (Local Driving Academy), your professional and caring Local Driving Academy would like to say a huge thank you to all key workers and NHS workers in Loughborough. Their contribution to Loughborough and throughout the UK as a whole during the lockdown has been outstanding.

Taking A Free Driving Lesson With Loughborough Driving Academy – Manual or Automatic

Don’t worry if you’ve never had driving lessons in Loughborough before, or even if you’ve taken an intensive driving course in Loughborough, this offer is open to all.  Our experienced driving instructors in Loughborough are here to help. We don’t mind what your age is, 70 or 17, if you are a key-worker or healthcare worker in Loughborough you can have a two hour free driving lesson with us. It doesn’t matter if you prefer to have automatic driving lessons either. We can make that happen too.

All we ask is that you watch the full video below so you know what to expect regarding the latest safety information on your free driving lesson with us. Then you can call us on 01509 563202 or send a message online here to book your complimentary 2 hour session with one of our qualified driving instructors.

Thank you all again for everything you’ve done.  We can’t wait to meet you and have the chance to say a big thank you in person too.

N.B you must be living or working  as Key worker in Loughborough in order to qualify for 2hrs free driving lessons in Loughborough. Terms and conditions apply. Proof of residency  or work ID will be required. Offer ends December 5th 2020.

Keyworkers Supporting The Loughborough Community

The last few months have been so difficult for everyone. In some respects, the pandemic took us all by surprise and overnight life seemed to change as we knew it. Most of us were able to lock down in our households, go on the furlough scheme via our work contracts and were able to stay safely in our homes. But that was not possible for many people in Loughborough. Some people had to literally place their lives on the line and continue to work throughout lock-down to ensure that we were all able to eat, make essential travel and receive any necessary healthcare. Thousands of workers have shown immense bravery and risked their own lives as they continued to drive our buses and trains, stacked shelves in supermarkets or ensured our elderly loved ones were still given daily personal care and support. It is hard to imagine the difficulties they must have faced as they attended work every day, knowing their own health was at risk, and the fact they could be putting their loved ones at risk too.

Many of these workers only earn the minimum wage, which shows these key-workers didn’t go to work every day for simple financial gain, but because they felt a sense of duty to us all. This is just one of the many reasons that Loughborough LDA (Local Driving Academy) would like to show a small gesture of thanks to all key-workers and offer those key workers in Loughborough and the surrounding area, two hours of driving lessons for free. Yes, you read that correctly. Two hours worth of free driving lessons.

Healthcare Workers Supporting Our NHS And Our Most Vulnerable

Working as a doctor, nurse or healthcare assistant is a massive challenge in itself given the struggles faced on a normal daily basis, but imagine dealing with hundreds of people dying, people that you were unable to help because there is currently no cure or vaccine for Covid-19. Many healthcare workers have expressed the emotional turmoil they faced when all they could do was to make sure people didn’t die alone and to keep them as comfortable as possible.

These professionals have had to work long hours during the pandemic and cope with nationwide shortages of PPE and other vital equipment. This humbles us all at our Loughborough LDA and as a big thank you from all of our team, we would like to offer two free hours of driving lessons to all Healthcare Workers in Loughborough too. There is no catch, no small print, just a small gesture of thanks to each and every one of you that helped keep our loved ones alive and cared for during such a challenging period in our lives.

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